“Do I know my friends, or just complicated stereotypes about them?” – wow this quote kicked me in the teeth. I’ve been following a website of a guy that basically scans pages out of his journals and posts them online. This came across yesterday. I’ve been thinking a lot about relationship stuff. I’ve been thinking about what it means to really listen. What is means to be honest too. More on that later as I am slowly developing some thoughts on that.

I’ve been pretty busy. I am in the process of switching over hosting companies to get better service and a cheaper rate. I believe I have successfully switched this website over without any problem. Let me know if you see anything broken, etc. I’m also looking to adjust the design of my website to make room for another column to add even more info on here (banners and some advertising stuff.) I’ve also been slowly working on a friends website (http://www.jeremysimon.com). Its been a slow process and have been learning Joomla in the process. Its getting there. There is a little bit more to do – but if it were to go live today – it wouldn’t be bad.

Well not to much else is going on at the moment. I kinda feel like I am just rambling on, but I haven’t posted anything in a while and wanted to do something. We still have been doing the RHU stuff (my friends in TN and I) it has been pretty overwhelming in content and just a lot to take in. I’m not even sure what to post if I had anything to write down. But am looking forward to the week 4 part on Words of God or Words of Men :: The Theology of the Bible as they get into how we allow the scripture.

There is a update about Colorado too. But that will be coming soon also – I hope…if I get time. I think thats about it. And I’m not really pregnant…I just said that to get you to read my post and that its April 1st :). I really couldn’t think of anything else like these guys: http://improveverywhere.com or http://www.gmail.com. Well anyway off to bed for me! Night. See ya soon.

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P.S. WordPress 2.5 is pretty sweet.

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